Monday, September 10, 2012

Bon Voyage, Barbie!

In Mattel's latest marketing partnership, the toy maker has sold Barbie's name to Royal Caribbean International. The partnership brings Barbie to the high seas on a cruise vacation.

Gosh, I hope she isn't prone to seasickness. Or the Norovirus.

The Barbie Premium Experience begins in January on select Royal Caribbean ships. It will roll out to the entire fleet by March 2013.

For the $349 parents will shell out for the Barbie Premium Experience, youngsters can enjoy staterooms decorated in Barbie style and themed activities throughout the duration of the cruise. This can include an invitation-only tea party and mermaid dance class to a fashion design workshop and Barbie Girls fashion show.

The description of the "mermaid dance class" might be my favorite part: "girls can shimmy and shake while learning the latest dance moves from the hit movie Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2."

Cross promotion within a cross promotion! Genius!

(Note Sarcasm)


  1. Oh wow--does it say anything bad about me that I would want to go on such a cruise? ;) LOL! OMG--A mermaid dance class? Would it be weird of me to attend?

  2. Wow... Just wow... It's interesting, but I think there were better partnerships they could have been made... Now, a Barbie themed airplane, I might be tempted by!

    -Kewpie83, Confessions of a Doll Collectors Daughter

  3. I hope that in my next cruise I can get this book.

  4. hi, I am a young barbie collector, with a question-
    Do they still sell Midge?
    -Anonymous A.


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