Monday, June 4, 2012

Barbie's Bad Decisions

What would it look like if Barbie made some bad decisions? Check out Sarah Haney's photography, and you'll get a pretty good idea. Barbie is Haney's muse, and the artist takes detailed images of Barbie doing some decidedly un-Barbie-like things (like getting a DUI).

Here's Haney talking about the reaction to her work:

Most people think they are hilarious -- I've seen someone spit out their wine laughing once. The only time I really got a negative reaction was when I got a booth at a doll show. I just got waves of hate off these women who were like, "I can't believe you are doing that to Barbie!" But, all the husbands who were dragged along thought it was great. It was like four men deep at my booth.

Read the full interview with her here. Check out her website and portfolio here.


  1. Those were funny. I really like the one outside the motel.

  2. I enjoyed Sarah's art. Hilarious!

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