Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hail to the Chief

Barbie is ready to rock the vote and the presidential elections. She recently launched her latest bid for the White House and will hit the campaign trail (aka store shelves) this summer.

I have two previous presidential Barbies, and it's interesting how times have changed. The older one from 1991 is wearing a full ball gown, with an optional suit on the side. The doll from 2000 is shown wearing a skirt suit with a more conservative dress also in the box. A quick Internet search reveals the 2004 version is rocking a full pants suit with no dress, but the dress and skirt suit return again in 2008.

Mattel's Barbie I Can Be… President doll is on the road to the “Pink House” and is serving as the “B Party” candidate. Don't forget to follow her “glam-paign.” Barbie’s campaign platform calls for girls of all ages to “B inspired,” “B informed” and “B involved.”

Yikes, Mattel is really going over the top on corny here.

For this year's presidential run, Barbie is wearing a pink power skirt suit with red, white and blue trim. She's got a pearl necklace, too, and pink wedges. Allegedly, these shoes enable her to literally stand on her own two feet without support or the need for a doll stand, according to Mattel. Interesting.

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  1. I just ordered this Barbie just because its so fab! This is my favorite president Barbie yet!
    Taylor Brione


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