Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mattel Welcomes Stardoll

Mattel is branching out, adding a new line of dolls: Stardoll by Barbie. Apparently, Stardoll has been a popular online fashion and gaming community for teen and tween girls. Being neither a teen or tween, I had not heard of them prior to Mattel's announcement.

The company is bringing the "virtual world to the 'real' world" and offering Stardolls at $20.99 each. They are inspired by the online world and include four of the most-popular virtual Stardoll stores (whatever that means). Mattel is introducing two dolls per "store."

There's Fallen Angel, Bonjour Bizou, Doll Space and Pretty n' Love. So...interesting names. Each doll has rooted eyelashes and a unique face and body sculpt. Each doll includes a gift card for complimentary Superstar membership on, Stardollars to spend on all Superstar items on Stardoll and free exclusive virtual gifts (whatever all that means).

For those who are really curious, you can browse the Stardoll site.

Or you can read about Barbie and Stardoll here and here.

I'm strictly a Barbie gal, so I won't be plunging into the Stardoll world. But what do you think, fellow Barbie collectors? Will you be buying Stardolls as well?


  1. Yes, I plan on buying some - nearly all except the blonde in the pink-white tweed jacket. Interesting choice of dolls you show here - they are the first 4 that I want, lol.

  2. I hope they reach Portugal, otherwise I'll have to explore Ebay! I love the second doll from the left and other that is redhead with an orange skirt.

  3. Just received 3 of the series today. Sadly the clothes look more like fashionista play dolls. The Bonjour Bizou style 1 is a different face mold. It is not the lovely Lea/Diva so it is a BIG let-down. Doll Space Style 1 is very pink skinned and not nearly as pretty as the prototype on the website. Fallen Angel Style 1 is a hit, a knock out, a real Goth beauty. The dolls have straight legs, I think larger feet and definitely larger, toy-like shoes. The rooted lashes sucked me in to the purchase. The accessory pak Fallen Angel is OK. All product is pricey - priced at collector range but the dolls and accessories overall look like they are for a child. Rated 6 years and up, that should have been the clue. Really missing that pretty head mold shown on the website on Bonjour Bizou Style 1. Will open all and probably switch heads, bodies, etc. Will definitely buy more of Fallen Angel Style 1, not sure about purchasing Fallen Angel 2, afraid of another disappointment.

  4. Now Mattel has a smaller photo of a packaged doll posted with the detail page for Bonjour Bizou Style 1 so that buyers can see that it is a different face, although that is not stated as to why the additional small photo is there.

  5. Anonymous here again. Well I undressed one doll. She has molded on strapless bra in light pink and molded on panties. Feet are definitely much larger than Model Muse, so do not buy these dolls or accessories to get more shoes for the Muse. And the last horror is - no hip joints. So besides no bendable knees this doll has no movement in the legs at all. A permanent pose, never will she sit or walk the runway. Sad, very sad. Mattel, shame on you for pulling this nasty trick on your collectors.

  6. Yes, definetly no hip joints at all. The dolls are a let down just because of that slight over sight. Why put ball jointed shoulders but no hip joint? WEIRD. Mattel what are you guys thinking? A 6 year old is gonna want to put the doll in a Barbie car/jeep etc. And the doll can't even sit down. For the price they're not worth it. Wait till they go on CLEARANCE, next January to get them.

  7. I bought the AA dol, just because she was pretty cheap. Shes cute too. I wish it were a pink label doll though.

    Taylor Brione


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