Friday, March 18, 2011

Where to Sell?

From space concerns to difficulty brought about by the recession, many Barbie collectors still are looking to sell some of their dolls. I've received e-mails from multiple people (by the way, thanks for writing!) who want to find good homes for their dolls.

The key words: good homes. The dolls aren't like furniture you might sell on Craigslist; they are more like tiny plastic members of your family. It can be hard to part with them, especially after caring after them for years and years. You want to know they are going someplace where they will be just as loved and cared for.

So that begs the question, where do collectors go to sell their dolls--especially collectors who want the dolls to go into the hands of other collectors?


  1. I find to be a great place to buy and sell doll collections. Although I've never sold anything there, I've had experience buying. You're dealing with doll collectors alike most of the time so the importance of giving a good home to a previously loved doll is pretty much an unspoken norm.

  2. When I can, I try to sell to another collector in one of my Yahoo Doll and Action Figure groups. I prefer to sell to other doll enthusiasts. They send payment, and I send the items. Win, win as has been said.

  3. My friend Sofia has a lot of barbie dolls for sale. Ooaks, designer's dolls, new/nib, vintage, etc. She is selling her personal collection. About 500 barbies ! We do not want to use ebay or amazon, craigslist, etc. Who wanna buy my friend's barbies ?

  4. i have first pj prototype doll 1958 great condiction im looking for a collector email adress if anyone can help me please feel free to contact me would like to sell her thanks

  5. I am interesting in selling my barbie doll collection, but I don't know where to start. Can someone recommend where I start?

  6. I have a number of Barbies to sell. I started the collection in the 1980 and my daughter is 32 I also have effeibee's , madam alexander dolls and other dolls. I would love to sell. Let me know what you need from me and I will be glad to let you what I have to sell.
    Audrey Ponder

  7. My mother is moving out of state into an apartment and will no longer be able to keep her barbies and porcelain dolls and has asked me to find them a home. I have between 100-150 dolls and I am not sure where to start. I have tried Ebay & cragslist with no luck. Some of them are pretty popular but a few are not so much. I am wiling to sell them individually or in bulk. Please email me if you have some advice for me or are interested in them

  8. I have 5 Barbies I'd like to sell, and one beautiful porcelain doll made by Paradise Galleries. The Barbies are as follows...

    1998 Holiday Barbie
    2001 Holiday Barbie
    2003 Holiday Barbie
    45th Anniversary Bob Mackie Barbie
    Hallmark 1997 Valentine Barbie
    Princess Catherine - Kate Middleton Engagement doll from 2010

    Anyone interested?

  9. I have a huge Barbie Doll Collection that I would like to sell. I have pic of the series. Barbies have never been removed from box and in excellent condition. Please advise me where to list to sell.


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