Thursday, February 3, 2011

Barbie Basics Denim

Can I just say, "Meh"?

I'm just not that excited about the Barbie Basics Denim Collection. And shouldn't I be? I was obsessed with Gap back in the late 90s when the company used to make cute, quality clothes. It was all about denim and basic Ts back then. (Remember this?)

Maybe that's part of the problem. This collection feels dated to me.

According to Mattel, the Denim Collection includes 12 dolls that are "taking classic blue jeans to new heights." It's the first time males are among the Basics dolls. Each doll sports denim in an array of cuts and colors, and each has a unique hair style and skin tone.

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  1. Forget denim, how could you not like the men dolls and model 14?? Besides the jeans are good quality too! I love this collection and especially the first accessory pack. Many of the dolls' "new look" is awesome too, like Models 4, 5 & 11.


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