Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mmm, Candy

I'm not going to lie. I like candy, but I also have serious germaphobe issues. This makes enjoying candy stores that have those big bins of unwrapped candy that kids can scoop into bags with little silver shovels difficult for me.

I see the candy. It looks sugary and good. But in my mind I also see the thousand sticky-fingered little hands that have dipped in there before me.


So my visit to New York's Dylan's Candy Bar was not a successful one. It included standing in front of the candy bins, wanting the candy in the bins and then collapsing on the floor in a germaphobic fit before I could get myself to fill a bag.

But perhaps you will have better luck. Dylan's is celebrating Barbie not only with cute candy but a Dylan's Barbie.

Seriously, chocolate high heels? Awesome. And they look individually wrapped, which is good for me.

The Dylan's Candy Bar Barbie is available Aug. 1.

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  1. I'd probably see scads of little hands, too. Ick. Double ick. Take mine (candy) WRAPPED.


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