Friday, June 18, 2010

Ken's Big-Screen Debut

Get ready Toy Story fans: In addition to a new movie debuting today, a new Toy Story Barbie and Ken gift set will be hitting toy-store shevles.

Mattel will release a Barbie & Ken Toy Story 3 Gift Set with Barbie and Ken from the movie.

In the gift set, Barbie will be sporting a blue all-in-one workout leotard, finished with pink leg warmers. Meanwhile, Ken will be wearing one of several costume changes from the movie – a blue outfit complete with matching scarf and deck shoes.

According to Toy Story 3 Director Lee Unkrich, “The idea of putting Ken in the film just felt rife with comic potential. Ken is a guy who is ostensibly a girl’s toy, and he’s also really nothing more than an accessory for Barbie. He is no more important than a pair of shoes or a purse. We figured he had to be pretty insecure about those things, and tried to tap into that as much as possible. He’s really into clothes, being the ultimate fashion maven. He wears a different outfit in every scene in the movie.”

Michael Keaton provides the voice of Ken, a character he connected with from the start. “He’s fantastic,” says Keaton. “I love this guy. He’s emotional. He’s crazy about Barbie and he’s got a lot of outfits—a lot of outfits.”

The first Toy Story film was released in 1996 and the second in 1999. Barbie first made her debut in the second film.

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