Monday, April 13, 2009

Sad Times For Some Collectors

The crappy economy is forcing some collectors to sell off their collections.

The article mentions Barbie briefly (and mostly focuses on comic books), but one can assume the situation is similar among all types of collectors. 

However, not unlike the housing market (where some people are losing their homes while others are able to find incredible deals on great properties), collectors who are not in financial trouble likely can find some wonderful dolls at lower-than-expected prices on the market.

Are any collectors out there experiencing this?

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nice Hat

Mattel has unveiled a new Derby Barbie. She's cute in a flowered dress and floppy derby hat. 

What I really love is the packaging. It's a clear plastic box with a picture of Churchill Downs as the background. (At least, I'm pretty sure it's Churchill Downs. She wouldn't be much of a Derby Barbie if it wasn't!)

The red flowers in the picture compliment Barbie's hat and dress.  

I love it when the doll and the packaging work together this way. It's not something every doll achieves. 

For this doll, she may look better in the box than out of it!