Monday, December 28, 2009

Barbie At Mall Of America

I stopped by the "What A Doll!" exhibit at the Mall of America in Minnesota last week to see the Barbie retrospective and check out the store. And by "stopped by" I mean battled the holiday-shopping crowds and tried not to hyperventilate.

The store was neat, but I did not buy anything. There were a few dolls available, such as the retro reproductions and Generations of Dreams Barbie. They already were sold out of the massive Barbie house pictured at the center of the display. Additional products included "witty" t-shirts, coffee mugs, luggage tags, jewelry and watches. The prices weren't bad. (I considered the luggage tag priced at $5.)

The mall did a good job of marketing the store and exhibit dolls. Check out those elevator doors!

I saw Barbie signage everywhere, starting at the glass doors when I walked in.

The mall put two dolls in each exhibit case, and sorted the dolls into genres. I was a little irritated to discover the mall stretched the exhibit out along an entire mall corridor (and they are BIG corridors). The holiday Barbies were clustered around the store, and the other exhibits lined the corridor.

The collections included "I Can Be," a grouping of career-themed dolls such as Miss America Barbie and Astronaut Barbie; "Heritage," a grouping of popular "fashion" dolls such as Peaches N Cream Barbie and Totally Hair Barbie; and "Designer," a grouping of dolls inspired by designers such as Burberry Barbie and Kate Spade Barbie.

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  1. Wonderful photos! It would almost be worth the road trip just to visit the store... :)


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